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Canada’s tax laws are always changing and that can leave you frustrated when it comes to filing your taxes from one year to the next.

There is always a better alternative and Softron is the provider of that alternative. Softron provides expert personal tax services in Toronto, Mississauga and other surrounding areas.

When you come to Softron, our expert tax professionals are committed to understanding and meeting your needs. They provide you with tax solutions that exceed your expectations.

How do you know we are great for personal tax services in the area? Because we have income tax courses at our Toronto offices that teach you everything our own tax professionals know.

In addition we also hire graduates who complete our tax course curriculum. When we are willing to hire our students right when they graduate, you know that we trust our staff as experts in the tax service industry.

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Want to do Taxes on Your Own? Expert Tax Services Right On Your Computer

No one likes doing taxes and with Canada’s tax laws being complex and changing every year, Canadians dread the CRA announcement of new tax forms being released.

Not to worry because although Canada’s tax laws can be complicated, most Canadians don’t need to become a tax professional to do their taxes as they tend to have simple returns to file.

When you use to get the annual tax package in the mail from the CRA you tend to only fill out a few of the hundreds of the forms they provide.

Although there are only a few tax forms to fill there’s always ways to make taxes just a little bit easier for you.

Our TaxTron software is the solution for easy tax filing and can save you money from hiring a tax professional to do your taxes. TaxTron tax preparation software is programmed to CRA/Revenue Quebec guidelines and can help you get your taxes done accurately and fast.

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icon-money-plus Maximize your refund

Our tax professionals constantly update their knowledge of current Canadian Tax laws to ensure we get our clients a maximum refund. Would you like to receive the maximum refund possible?

icon-money-minus Minimize your balance owing

Canadian Tax laws are constantly changing. Tax exemptions appear and disappear seemingly overnight. Provincial tax credits are here one year and gone the next. Are you fully prepared and informed of all these changes?

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