We had the previous Softron and TaxTron websites for eight years, and they served pretty well over that time. But as times have changed, and the Web has changed with them, the old sites started to look a bit dated. To solve this, we’ve been working hard over the last few months to update both the Softron and TaxTron sites for the modern era and are proud to unveil them at last.

Here are just some of the many new features to experience on the sites:

More Visually Oriented

The old sites gave a lot of info but were really text-oriented. The new sites have been designed to be friendlier to the eye, easier to navigate, and more concise. We’ve made the sites more rich-media oriented, with more images and video to quickly convey information, making your time on our website more productive.

Customer Portals

We’re introducing your own individual Portal to everything you need Softron/TaxTron.  Had a hard drive crash and you have to reinstall a previous year’s version of the software? The portal knows your purchase history and can provide you with the latest version of that year’s software to download. As well, if you’ve lost your license code, you can log in to the Portal and retrieve your code without having to spend time and expense calling our Support line. If your TaxTron software up to date? It’s important to keep the software up-to-date to take advantage of any possible fixes or additional functionality added to the software. Logging into your Portal is your gateway to ensuring that your software is always current and ready to serve you.

Knowledge Base

Got a question regarding one of our services? Our new knowledge base will provide the answers to most any question you may have. And as time progresses, any gaps in the knowledge base will be filled as new enquiries come in and new answers arise. You’ll be able to search based on all sorts of criteria, the year of the software, operation system, keywords, and more. Find exactly the information you need quickly and easily.

New Help Desk

Together with the new knowledge base, we’ve completely revamped our help desk. Now it will be easier to customers to pass information to Support, and vice-versa. Posting screenshots, links to helpful video clips, sending/receiving files, it will all be possible. Support will even be able to chat live with customers or connect remotely in order to answer their questions. Also, the help desk is linked to the knowledge base, so not only can new answers be easily extended to the base for addition, so it will be possible to refer users to existing answers. Everything designed to expedite customers getting the help they need, fast.


Last but not least, and one new item you’ve already discovered, is our new blog. We’ll be able to share information with you more quickly and easily than ever before with frequent updates. Information regarding new and updated services, seminars, tax information, and other vital news will all be available at your fingertips.

In closing…

We’d like to thank you for bearing with us through the changes here at Softron and TaxTron, and we’d love to hear from you. Have an idea for a new topic? A tax question that’s been nagging at you? Feedback regarding the changes or our services? Let us know.

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