Softron’s Tax Courses

Whether it is changes in the tax law or changes to how the tax filing industry will operate in the future, major changes are happening in the tax industry. While the changes are exciting, it is critically important to that professionals who are in the industry or planning to work in the tax industry are on top of all the new changes.

Softron tax courses are offered every year and updated with the latest tax changes that take place every year like the estate planning and trust course this year has been updated with the new laws that came into effect on January 1, 2016.
Industry experts at Softron tax have designed these tax courses with the following features:

• The course materials not only include the theory but real life case examples that give an idea to the students on how taxation works
• Animated explainer videos that make it easy for students to understand the concepts.
• All courses are available online but students also have the option of in-class instructor led courses to get the necessary guidance
• Instructors are industry experts and love to share their knowledge and experiences from the industry
It is a great opportunity for accounting firms across Canada to get their staff trained with the latest tax knowledge and be job-ready for the upcoming tax season.

Softron Tax Courses are a great opportunity for all those who are looking for a career opportunity or adding value to their skillset. You can enroll today by visiting or calling 905-273-4444 or 1-877-SOFTRON

“ An investment in knowledge gives the best return”

2015 Tax Courses are here !!

It’s September and Softron Tax is pleased to announce the launch of 2015 Tax Courses. Our tax courses are highly valued in the industry and are a great source of knowledge for Canadian Residents.

Softron Tax courses will give a head start to your tax preparation career where you will not only learn the basic concepts of taxation but you will be given exposure to real life scenarios and you will learn how to save taxes for yourself and your clients

Softron offers class room courses at selected locations. You can either choose an evening weekday schedule or a weekend schedule. The course schedules are carefully designed to cater to working professionals where you can learn without compromising with your present job/business activity. The September and October classes last 7 weeks while January classes last 4 weeks.

If it is really not possible for you to join our class room course, we still have a solution!! Enroll in our online course and study at your own convenience.

See what Ms Ayushi, a past graduate has to say about Softron Tax Courses in this video:

Benjamin Franklin once said that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Simply enrolling in a Softron tax course will open a world of opportunities for you. You can start a part time tax preparation business, get employed at Softron Tax or other premium accounting firms and also plan your finances in a way that will lead to huge gains in your life.

You can click here to register and learn more about tax courses.

To enroll Call 905-273-4444 and grab a wonderful learning opportunity!!


We’re launching our tax courses for 2013

We are delighted to announce that we are going to be starting our 2013 season for our tax courses in September. Our tax courses are great for Canadians looking to get educated on how to perform income tax preparation for themselves and for other people.

If you’re looking to learn more about tax laws and how to use them to your advantage to pay less taxes in Canada, then our tax courses are right for you. In addition by learning how to do income tax returns yourself you can also charge other people for your services.

Courses are taught in class at selected Softron locations. The classes run in September and October, lasting 7 weeks, while classes that run in January last for 4 weeks.

If you cannot attend in person classes, you can register for the online version of their tax courses which can be completed anywhere in the world. Our tax courses are also the only tax courses that work on all mobile devices.

Still not sure if it’s right for you? Here is what Softron team member and former Softron Tax course graduate, Nisha Sandhu had to say, “I loved the Softron Tax course and I have been working with Softron for over 10 years. I enjoy helping clients save on taxes.”

Affordable tax courses that can decrease the amount of taxes you pay a year, make some side money doing taxes for other people and have an opportunity to get hired by Softron to help them do taxes for their clients? There is no other tax course in Canada that will provide you with that kind of return on your investment.

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