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Softron offers instant refunds to you if you are expecting to receive a refund on your tax return and don’t want to wait. Bring all your tax information to Softron office and our tax professional will prepare your return and see if you qualify for the services. If yes then you will get your cheque right away. Softron is governed by Discounting Rebate Act, which allows Softron to deduct a prescribed fee and give you the remainder amount of the cheque. The fee includes tax preparation fee and HST. All tax preparation firms providing discounting services are governed by the same act. Your discounted amount will always be the same irrespective of service provider. Softron will give you 85 percent of the first $300 of your income tax refund and 95 percent of the rest. For example, if you have a $500 refund, the amount you’ll receive from Softron is $445. The $55 fee covers the entire cost of the Fast Cash service, including tax preparation.

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Some Restrictions Apply

If any one of the following applies, your return cannot be discounted:

  1. If you are a deemed resident (not subject to provincial or territorial tax).
  2. If the person is deceased.
  3. If your social insurance number begins with 0.
  4. If you were bankrupt during the year or in bankruptcy status according to CCRA’s record.
  5. If you are a new immigrant, or a non-resident.
  6. If your address is outside of Canada.

If you are claiming following deduction’s:

  1. Attendant care expenses or disability amount for the first time.
  2. Foreign tax credit.
  3. A deduction for scientific research or experimental development expenses.
  4. A spousal amount in respect of a spouse not resident in Canada.
  5. An amount for other dependents not resident in Canada.
  6. An overseas employment tax credit.
  7. Self-employment or Rental losses.
  8. Employment Expenses.


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