Climate Action Incentive

This year the government is increasing fuel charge rates in order to make way for a greener future. The effects of the fuel charge will hit the wallets of Canadians pretty hard, after all, we need fuel to heat our homes and drive our vehicles. Luckily, the government is providing Canadians with a new tax credit to ease the financial burden of rising fuel charge rates.

The climate action incentive, abbreviated as the CAI, can be claimed by residents of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick. Amounts will vary depending on your province of residence. The credit corresponds to provinces in which the residents will be charged the fuel charge.

Residents of Ontario can expect a basic amount of $154 for an adult over the age of 18. The second adult in a family can claim $77 while the first child of a single parent will also be eligible to claim $77. Single parent families will claim $38 per child starting with their second child while families with two parents will claim $38 for every child. A family of four in Ontario can expect to receive up to $307. The government estimate for the amount that the average household will spend in Ontario because of increased rates is $244.

The federal pollution pricing system is set to add the fuel charge in April 2019. Get your CAI before April and prepare yourself for the increased rates. Come in to one of our Softron Tax locations and have a professional assist you in getting your CAI credit!

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