Trust and Estate Planning Course (Online Only)

This course covers all aspects of T3 Trust Returns and also covers Retirement & Estate Planning.

Course Information:

Due to the aging population, this area of tax planning is becoming an important source of revenue for Tax Professionals.

The course contents are available only online and must be completed in 16 weeks for $295 plus tax & is tax deductible.

All exams and quizzes are open-book and performed Online. Your receipts and Certificates are available from your Online Course account. The course content is updated on a continuous basis.

The Text Book is updated in July. You can request that the textbook be shipped to you during the online checkout process or call us at 1-877-SOFTRON and schedule a time for you to pick up the text book at one of our Softron offices.

Topics Covered:

  • Retiring & Severance Allowances
  • Power of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Trust & Estate Returns
  • Clearance Certificates
  • Elective Returns Upon Death
  • Non Residents & Canadian Assets
  • Tax Planning with a Spouse
  • Gift Taxes
  • US & Canadian Estate Taxes
  • Non Resident Beneficiaries
  • Impact of Death on RRSP’s TFSA, RESP’s, RPP, DPSP’s, RRIF’s & HBP
  • Testamentary & Inter Vivios Trust