Personal Financial Planning Course (Online Only)

The Softron Personal Financial Planning course is focused on the Ten steps to Financial Freedom.

Course Information

This course is great for anyone who is looking to understand the Basics of Personal Financial Planning.

The course contents are available only online and must be completed in 16 weeks for $195 plus tax and is tax deductible.

All exams are open-book and performed Online. Your receipts and Certificates are available from your Online Course account. The course content is updated on a continuous basis.

The Text Book is updated in July. You can request that the textbook be shipped to you during the online checkout process or call us at 1-877-SOFTRON and schedule a time for you to pick up the text book at one of our Softron offices.

Topics Covered

  • Step 1: Financial Planning Overview
    • Your Goals & Expectations
    • Priorities & Implementation Strategies
  • Step 2: Where to Start:
    • Initial Financial Assessment
    • How to Achieve Financial Success
  • Step 3: Where do You Stand?
    • Keeping Track of Monthly Income & Expenses
    • Assets & Laibilities
  • Step 4: Understanding Where you Stand Managing Debt & Credit Usage
    • Good Credit and Bad Debt
    • Creating And Using your Income Statement
    • Understanding And Monitoring Your Balance Sheet
    • Monitoring Net Worth
    • The Connection Between Income And Net Worth
  • Step 5: Where are you going Financially
    • What Are Your Life’s Desires?
    • Designing Your Ideal Budget
    • Your Shopping List
    • What Are Your Goals And Ongoing Desires?
  • Step 6: Implementing Financial Planning Systems
    • Successful Money Management Strategies
    • Determining And Creating Monthly Purchasing Commitments
    • Budget/Spending Notes
    • Potential Money Making Ideas
    • Business And Career Building Activities
    • The Spirit Of Giving
    • Earnings Allocation Strategy And Tracking
  • Step 7: Being Efficient with Your Financial Plan
    • Account Requisition
    • Working With Professional Advisers
    • Income Tax Guide
    • Business And Tax Expenses By Category
    • Statutory Filings
  • Step 8: Leaving your Legacy & Estate Planning
    • Your Legacy and Managing Risks
    • Insurance Coverage Summary
    • Insurance Needs Analysis
    • Preparing Your Will
    • Identifying Causes
    • Estate Information: A Record Of Your Affairs
  • Step 9: Building Wealth
    • Your Investment Personality Preferences
    • Evaluating Investment Risks
    • Minimizing Your Losses Before You Invest
    • Building an Investment Portfolio: Asset Allocation
    • Building an Investment Portfolio: Diversification
    • Building an Investment Portfolio: Returns Expectations
  • Step 10: Maintaining your Wealth
    • Investment Strategies and Selection
    • Investment Monitoring
    • Investment Transactions
    • Investment Portfolio Value Monitoring and Balancing