Corporate and Business Tax Course

We are now offering instructor lead courses via Zoom.

The Corporate and Business Tax Course are for tax preparers looking to expand their knowledge and gain business clients or for business owners who want to file their own taxes.

Course Information:

The course includes TaxTron professional tax software for T1 & T2 for the prior tax filing year.

The course contents are available online for both Correspondence & Instructor-led zoom classes and are tax-deductible. Correspondence courses must be completed in 16 weeks and Instructor-led zoom classes can be completed in 5 weeks.

The Text Book is updated in July. For the correspondence option, you can request that the textbook be shipped to you during the online checkout process or call us at 1-877-SOFTRON and schedule a time for you to pick up the textbook at one of our Softron offices.

Online courses  are available throughout the year and can be taken at anytime.

Topics Covered:

  • Statement of Business or Professional Activities (T2125)
  • Employment & Trucking Expenses (T777 & TL2)
  • Corporation tax returns T2
  • T2: RDTOH/Capital dividend account/ Small business deductions
  • T2: Personal service business/Associated & related corporations
  • T2: Theory of Integration/Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Corporate E-File, GIFI
  • E-File & NETFILE
  • HST returns
  • Rental Properties
  • Reasonable Expectation of Profit: Business, Rental and Professional
  • Business losses, Rental losses, Business Investment losses
  • WSIB
  • Stock option benefits
  • Depreciation and CCA
  • Recapture and terminal loss on the disposition
  • Difference between an employee and Self-employed
  • Foreign Pensions
  • US taxation implication on Canadians
  • How to Avoid an Audit
  • Attribution rules
  • Foreign Property Reporting Form 1135
  • Foreign rental property -USA
  • Taxation of Capital property
  • Principal Residence Exemption
  • Northern Resident deduction
  • Farming income