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45 Overlea BLVD, Unit 130, Toronto, ON M4H 1C3

Directions: Former Bell Store Location
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If you live or work near East York Town Centre in Toronto, and need help with your taxes or are seeking financial advice, we are here to help. The tax and financial experts at our office inside East York Town Centre in Toronto can help you file your tax returns quickly and effectively and also give you the financial knowledge you need to create a prosperous financial roadmap for your future.

History of the City

East York Town Centre is a shopping centre in the East York area of Toronto, Ontario. The mall first opened in 1970 with two headlining stores: Sayvette and Shoppers Drug Mart. It now is headlined by three stores: Target, Food Basics and Shoppers Drug Mart, and has expanded to include over 100 stores.

Planning Your Visit

Conveniently located in East York Town Centre, in the former Bell Store location, Softron Tax customers can do some shopping, banking, or grab something to eat nearby while filing your taxes. Softron Tax – Get Your Money Now! 


During tax season (February to May). Please call to confirm the hours of operation during May to January.
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What People are Saying About Softron Tax

  • We use Softron for our income tax purposes because of their excellent service and value. And they have very friendly and helpful agents. We've been from other places and it is very different from other companies. I recommend Softron.

  • We have been loyal customer of Softron Tax for well over 30 years now. The reason we keep coming back is because Softron Tax and the team here exemplify what is means for customer service and loyalty. And when you look what is happening in today's day and age, there is no such thing as loyalty anymore. My husband and I keep coming back because we feel that Jake cares about us and his team cares about us and they make us feel very very important. We also have a child with a disability and he was able to inform us of all the different ways we could get money back including how to use the disability tax credit. So we will always be loyal to Jake and his team for years to come.