Topics that will be covered in this Webinar:

New changes for 2020 tax year

  • Home office expense on T2200 for taxpayers who were working from home during COVID-19
  • Declaration of CERB, CESB and CRB as taxable income
  • Repayment of CRB for higher-income individuals
  • Wage Subsidy for small businesses and new T4 reporting
  • Canada Emergency Loan ($40,000) for small businesses
  • Digital news subscription tax credit, and Canada training tax credit

E-filer registration and getting most out of the web

  • How to get or register for E-file number with CRA
  • Getting started on the Taxtron web with your E-file number
  • Setting up preferences and multiple locations
  • Setting up multiple users and assigning rights to various users
  • Setting up two way authentication
  • E-filer responsibilities, record keeping, dealing with post and pre-assessment
  • How to deal with CRA’s professional audits of E-filers
  • Preparing tax return on web under professional
  • Refilling of tax return