Fraudsters are getting smart and finding new ways to scare people and extort money out of them. We just need to be smarter.

The technology that is being used is sophisticated and advanced. Phone masking is now being used to make phone calls. This technology allows the fraudsters to call and make it look like a call is being made from a number that you know. They are also well researched and have gained enough information to make the call look legitimate

Recently there have been instances where Softron clients have been called by fraudsters and it looked like on their caller ID that the phone call was from a Softron Office.

Here are a few attributes of fraudulent phone calls:

  • It may appear a call from a business like Softron, a government office like CRA or RCMP or even a family member or friend
  • Phone call will always be about how you are in default or deep legal trouble.
  • Fraudsters try to intimidate by threatening arrests and using strong language.
  • The solution always is immediate payment of money.
  • The mode of payment offered is prepaid credit cards, online payment systems like paypal or even dropping cash in some scenarios.

Demanding payments through credit card or paypal is a clear red flag. The following are a few facts that you need to remember:

  • Softron, CRA or no other organization will ever call you and threaten you with an arrest.
  • No legitimate organization demands payments through pre-paid credits cards
  • All owings or payments are always demanded through written notices and letters.
  • We at Softron may only contact our clients via phone regarding an on-going tax filing service we are providing or general messages about the launch of new tax or location details.

What can you do if you receive a phone call:

  • Hang up
  • If you are sure that it was a fraudulent phone call, report it at
  • If you are not sure about whether the call was fraudulent or not, hang up and call back the organization you received the call from. This will protect you against a fraudulent call using phone masking technology.
  • Softron can be contacted at 905-273-4444
  • CRA can be contacted at 1800-959-8281

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