It’s September and Softron Tax is pleased to announce the launch of 2015 Tax Courses. Our tax courses are highly valued in the industry and are a great source of knowledge for Canadian Residents.

Softron Tax courses will give a head start to your tax preparation career where you will not only learn the basic concepts of taxation but you will be given exposure to real life scenarios and you will learn how to save taxes for yourself and your clients

Softron offers class room courses at selected locations. You can either choose an evening weekday schedule or a weekend schedule. The course schedules are carefully designed to cater to working professionals where you can learn without compromising with your present job/business activity. The September and October classes last 7 weeks while January classes last 4 weeks.

If it is really not possible for you to join our class room course, we still have a solution!! Enroll in our online course and study at your own convenience.

See what Ms Ayushi, a past graduate has to say about Softron Tax Courses in this video:

Benjamin Franklin once said that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Simply enrolling in a Softron tax course will open a world of opportunities for you. You can start a part time tax preparation business, get employed at Softron Tax or other premium accounting firms and also plan your finances in a way that will lead to huge gains in your life.

You can click here to register and learn more about tax courses.

To enroll Call 905-273-4444 and grab a wonderful learning opportunity!!


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